RODDY HENRY — Innocent Killer

October 1998: This is an incredible case as well as a sickening one. An unnamed woman in her fifties has sex with the younger Roddy Henry at a Chelmsford hotel. In NewsBank, this article is credited to Paul Hannah. It is also not quite accurate.

In January 1978, Roddy Henry and another teenager attacked the 92 year old Emma Wildman in her apartment at Hackney, North London during the course of a burglary. The victim, who was 92 years old, was violently raped. She died on March 29, 1979, ie more than a year and a day after the attack. The year and a day rule was abolished only in 1996, but according to the Times, the two were charged with rape and murder.

Roddy Max Henry and Francis Tobierre stood trial at the Central Criminal Court in March 1980. The fate of his co-defendant is unclear, but Henry was convicted of rape. The murder charge appears to have been reduced to attempted murder, probably on account of the year and a day rule, but the relevant file at Kew is closed until 2062, by which time I will be long gone from this Earth.

If the local rag is to be understood correctly and believed, the non-victim in the current case was 52 when she had sex with Robinson, who was then 39. She met him through a friend while he was being held at HMP Featherstone, a low security prison. In October 1998, the two booked into the Travel Inn hotel where they had sex. She said it was rape; he said it was consensual. It is clear from the linked article why she sabotaged the trial. What kind of a woman knowingly checks into an hotel with a man who raped and battered a 92 year old?

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