Wigmore On Evidence

1940: Wigmore On Evidence is published. At Volume 3, page 460 the reader is told:

“The facts are that there exist occasionally female types of excessive or perverted sexuality, just as there are such male types; and that these are often accompanied by a testimonial plausibility which should not be taken at its face value. Only an inquiry into the social and medical history will reveal the degree of credibility. This inquiry the law of Evidence ought to permit to the fullest extent, rejecting the hindrance of rules that were framed without an understanding of these facts.”

Today this is alluded to as a rape myth. As the compiler of this timeline, I beg to differ.

This file includes pages 458-69 and 522-3. The scans are of passable quality, although if your eyes are as bad as mine, you might have to save to disk then open with your viewer.

In addition to the above quote, there are many references to the medical literature, and of course case law citations.

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