LIPSTICK — feminist propaganda masquerading as entertainment

April 2, 1976: The film Lipstick is released in the United States. In the UK it was released July 9 the same year. If I recall, I watched it at a major cinema in Leicester Square shortly after its UK release.

My review can be found below.

Here is a short clip from it, an early reference to the lie that rape is both a vastly under-reported crime and that not only are women given a rough ride in court but most rapists who are brought to trial are acquitted. The reality is of course that rapists are not brought to trial, alleged rapists are, as I pointed out in April 2000.

Incidentally, this film - the aforementioned clip in particular - appears to be the origin of the widely touted claim (by RAIIN for example) that only 2% of rapists are convicted. (The image at the previous link was added to this Timeline when it was set up in June 2016. It does not include an originating link. Returning to it three years later, I was unable to find precisely the same diagram on the RAIIN website or anywhere else. However, similar charts and lying propaganda can be found all over the Web on sites run by numerous organisations active in the sexual grievance industry).

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