January 1999: The case of false accuser Liza Watts was widely reported, but the details herein were extracted largely from Rape In A Vacuum, page 32.

The teenage barmaid from Crawley, who has also been alluded to as a waitress, claimed to have been raped by a man who offered her a lift home from the Rat & Parrot public house where she worked. She wasted 60 hours of police time. When she appeared in court she was said to have made similar claims in the past, which means she is almost certainly a SERIAL FALSE RAPE ACCUSER. She was found guilty and ordered to pay £50 costs plus £150 compensation and put on one year’s probation.

She would claim later this was a plea for help because she had been sexually abused all her childhood. Which begs the question, why should we believe that claim either? She was described as a borderline psychotic with “the mind of a 12 to 13 year old”.

I can find no mention of a rape kit, nor of a medical examination.

A side note here, the Crawley Rat & Parrot opened at 91 High Street in 1998, and closed in February 2011.

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