The Witch-Hunt Of John Leslie

October 16, 2002: According to the Amazon website, this is the date Ulrika Jonnson published her inappropriately titled autobiography Honest. In this book she reports that she had been raped by an unnamed individual some fifteen years earlier. The name John Leslie was then blurted out by Matthew Wright on live television. This led to a nightmare roller coaster ride for Leslie, one that instead of up and down went down, down, down. A flood of allegations was made against him by women; he was arrested twice and charged with indecently assaulting a woman, and in 2008 was accused of another rape, in the 1990s. Finally, all charges against him were dropped, but this sort of mud always sticks.

During most of that time he was the lover of Abi Titmuss, a young lady who ticks all the right boxes and has a personality to match. She stood by him but was lured to the States where she carved out a career on the small screen.

As for Leslie, just when he thought the nightmare was over, he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub. Although this incident was supposed to have happened on June 25, 2017, he was not charged until the following November. He stood trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in June 2018, and although he was only found not proven, he appears to have gone to considerable lengths to prove his innocence. The man on his arm in this article is his elderly father, who was a lot angrier than the man himself.

Whatever this pathetic woman’s motive, she has effectively scuppered any chance of Leslie returning for any sort of media career, and if he is wise he will join a monastery or at the very least give all women a wide berth from now on.

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