DONNA PALOMBA — Jane Doe No More

September 11, 1993: At Waterbury, New York, wife and mother Donna Palomba is raped in her own home. Or is she?

The short answer is yes, although she was soon accused of lying. Here is a clip I found on YouTube. It includes her 911 call, but I have edited out the propaganda.

Although if you have read this far you will realise some women go to incredible lengths to fake their rapes, this case is still shocking, worse by far than the later Lynnwood case.

Some contamination of the crime scene is in practice unavoidable in a murder, rape or even a burglary case, but that should not have happened here.

This woman did everything right: she reported promptly, she underwent a medical examination, and she cooperated fully. Not only that, there was DNA evidence. At the very least they should have treated her like the credible victim she was, then perhaps a year or two on, quietly filed the case as unsolved (not unfounded) unless something happened to undermine her credibility, like her making another, similar, report.

I won’t go into detail here, but Donna Palomba has clearly swallowed a lot of the sexual grievance industry propaganda about under-reporting etc, even though she is herself a living refutation of that propaganda. As stated, she reported promptly, and that in spite of what was clearly a credible death threat from her attacker; she waived her anonymity, and she moved on with her life as do most genuine victims.

Sadly, in May 2018 she was the subject of an article in The New York Times by an airhead woman journalist who used her case to argue for the abolition of statutes of limitations. While statutes of limitations are vital to protect innocent men (and occasionally women) from false historical accusations - as in the Bill Cosby witch-hunt - they should apply only to the reporting of a crime. There is a massive difference between on the one hand a credible or not-so-credible victim who reports promptly then waits ten or fifteen years until her attacker is caught, and on the other a woman who decides she was raped as a child after reading The Courage To Heal.

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