HANK SKINNER — Triple Murderer

December 31, 1993: At Pampla, Texas, Hank Skinner murders three people.

This is arguably the most bizarre false rape allegation in this database, and fittingly was made by a man. Pampla has been called a city, in reality it is a fairly small town, population-wise, and from what Iíve seen of it, impoverished. Certainly the area of town in which Henry Watkins Skinner lived was. In the same house lived his lover Twila Busby and her two imbecile adult sons. On New Yearís Eve, Skinner strangled and bludgeon Twila to death, then stabbed her sons. He was arrested shortly at the house of a former girlfriend where he had sought medical attention for a cut hand, which probably resulted from one of the Busby brothers fighting back.

Skinnerís defence then and now is that he was asleep during the murders in a drug-induced coma, but he was convicted, and as this was Texas, sentenced to death.

Skinner and his amen corner (including a mad Frenchwoman who actually married him) have worked overtime and then some to induce reasonable doubt where there is none. Skinnerís credibility has been boosted by an intransigent DA refusing to submit an article of clothing found at the crime scene to DNA testing, the relevance of this being...

Skinner claims the murders were actually committed by Twilaís uncle, who raped her first. As will be seen from the two screengrabs below, people who know the real Hank Skinner are not impressed with either the man or his increasingly outrageous claims.


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