March 27, 1987: United States Senator Brock Adams meets Kari Tupper at his home, a woman young enough to be his granddaughter. She claims he drugged and raped her, but the following day when she is examined at Arlington Hospital, Virginia, no trace of drugs or evidence of sexual assault are found. She does not file a complaint with the police until July 24. The District Attorney dismisses her allegations.

If Brock Adams thought this would be the end of this affair, he was mistaken; as with many high profile cases since, when the information hit the public domain, a slew of women crawled out of the woodwork making the same or similar allegations. One claimed he’d raped her and then thrown $200 down on the table - one of Bill Cosby’s myriad accusers would later make exactly the same allegation. Thankfully this leads nowhere although it trashes his political career.

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