MARC DUTROUX — A Monster And The Lunatics He Inspired

August 13, 1996: Belgian police arrest Mark Dutroux.

If like me you are a crime buff and apart from the odd foreign swear word speak only English, you will probably have heard of Marc Dutroux.

You will find information about him including documentaries all over the Web, but his Wikipedia entry is probably as good a place as any to start.

While the crimes Dutroux and his collaborators committed were both very real and horrific beyond belief, his self-serving pronouncements have led to the fueling of an existing legend, and also to the proliferation of lunatics and fantasists.

The legend is that powerful people - women as well as men - operate a vast international network at government level that preys on the vulnerable, including children, who are used in bizarre rituals, including murders.

With the coming of the Internet and then the explosion of social media, everyone has a voice. This includes the gullible, the ignorant, the mischievous...

Sex scandals and worse are of course nothing new and have been well documented throughout history. The Cleveland Street scandal of 1889, the activities of Oscar Wilde, and in our own day the house of horrors on Cromwell Street is just one shocking example. But the rubbish that has been written about Bohemian Grove and Elm Guest House beggar belief.

Having said that, there have indeed been some shocking cover-ups in the recent past, the activities of Peter Righton and his fellow paedophile Charles Napier to name but one.

As far as fantasists go, Anneke Lucas is as batshit crazy as they come. The Daily Mail published this rubbish about her in January 2017. She speaks fluent English, and her performance on video is equally unimpressive, not so the gullibles would notice.

Others who perpetuate this trafficking nonsense include Carol Knuth (American), and Fiona Barnett (Australian). These women - and they are almost invariably women - probably run into the hundreds if not the thousands. It remains to be seen how many of them are truly mad or simply lying for whatever reason, including personal profit.

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