KELLY MICHAELS — The Wee Care Day Nursery Case

April 30, 1985: In New Jersey, a four year old boy makes an odd claim to his mother.

This is an utterly notorious case and one of many in this database that proves it can happen to you too ladies.

Margaret Kelly Michaels known as Kelly Michaels worked at the Wee Care Day Nursery in New Jersey from September 1984 until April 26, 1985.

Four days after she left her job, a young boy, one of her former charges, told his mother he had been undressed and examined by Kelly daily, or words to that effect. The full details can be found in this judgment.

Therein, the date given for this medical examination is wrong; Kelly resigned her post on April 26, 1985; the boy was examined four days later, not as stated.

I could write a lot more about this case - tragic and absurd in equal measure - but here is Kelly’s 2003 interview with Oprah Winfrey, who appears to have come a long way since her May 1, 1989 interview with certifiable lunatic Vicki Polin.

Kelly’s exoneration was down to Dorothy Rabinowitz, who has been interviewed at length about the case. Sadly, she claimed voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016 would have saved America. No, voting for Donald Trump did that!

Arguably the one good thing to come out of this shocking case as far as the American criminal justice system is concerned is the taint hearing.

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