SINGAPORE —1998 & 1999 False Rape Statistics

November 23, 1996: Lee Ciu Ling (or Lee Ciu Ling) according to the KARAM report below, attends the Chong Boon Neighbourhood Police Post where she reports being raped at midnight.The article immediately below was published in The Straits Times, August 7, 1999, page 55. Why there was such a lengthy gap between her reporting the phantom rape and her sentencing for false reporting isnít clear. I have no idea either if her false report is included in the 1998-9 false rape statistics but one case is hardly a big deal.

[The information below was extracted from the article Rape liars credited to KARAM, published in The Sunday Times (Singapore), March 19, 2000, page 2, (accessed here through NewsBank). At that time, Singapore had a population of a little over four million].

1998: There were 9 false reports of rape.

1999: There were 23 false reports of rape out of a total of 147 reports. It is not clear how many of the other 124 were genuine.

One of the false accusers in 1999 was Siti Rofiah.

Another was a 23 year old woman who accused her own father of raping her, and later expanded considerably on this false allegation. She is said to have done this because she was angry at him for (physically) abusing her mother.

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