May 6, 1997: A 9 year old girl is allegedly raped by two 10 year old boys at a London school.

This is another notorious case that needs no citations because it resulted in the trial and acquittal of the two boys. They were and at the time of writing (February 2018) remain the youngest boys ever to be tried for rape in England. On said date, there was what might be called an incident in the outside toilet of a London school which resulted in legal proceedings being brought against four boys, the oldest of whom was 11.

A fifth boy was involved, but he was 9 years old, ie doli incapax. When the case came to trial at the Central Criminal Court in January 1998, it was revealed that the alleged victim had been coached by a female police officer, perhaps inadvertently. Mrs Justice Bracewell directed the jury to return not guilty verdicts on the rape charges, and eventually all four boys were cleared of all charges.

Although no rape or indecent assault was committed, it is clear the girl was abused physically. When I was growing up in the 60s, kids would often bully or assault others, as I know from personal and painful experience, but it was an unwritten rule that you never hit a girl.

The screengrab below is from the London Times February 4, 1998, page 3; two days later, the same paper reported that all the defendants had been cleared of all charges. It was reported too that the girl in this case was brought up by relatives in Jamaica, that she was the fourth child of eight, and that she and her siblings were sired by three different men. She told the court she had been raped and sexually assaulted in Jamaica (by more than one man). Whether or not that claim was true, she was said to have set a series of fires, one of which destroyed a home. Oh yes, and she was deeply religious. Praise the Lord!

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