August 18, 1997: In Hawaii, a grand jury indicts Lloyd West on four counts of sexually violating a young girl, including vaginal rape. He is convicted. These alleged offences date to February 1993 when the girl was four years old. In March 2000, an appellate court quashes his convictions.

The court did this in part because the girl had made other allegations of a sexual nature, allegations that although clearly false were excluded by the trial judge. It also allowed so-called expert evidence relating to the child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome (apparent delay in reporting). What is missing from this judgment and from the case is real medical evidence; the girl was found to be virgo intacta. Can a child of that age be vaginally raped without leaving some evidence, and what of her mother?

The reader will find a number of cases in this database of very young girls making or apparently making false allegations of sexual abuse without coaching, as may have happened here. See in particular the entry for May 12, 1986 (above).

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