Madison, Wisconsin —1996

May 4, 1996: Cheryl Davis of Madison, Wisconsin, is allegedly attacked on her way to a methadone clinic. On May 13, she was arrested, and charged the following day. Far from being a rape victim or any sort of victim, she was a professional prostitute, having been charged with such more than twenty times over a sixteen year period.

June 12, 1996: A woman is allegedly attacked in Token Creek Park, Madison, Wisconsin. Later, she admits she made up this story to get the attention of her boyfriend.

[The above information was extracted from COPS CLAMP LID ON FALSE RAPE CASES JUST 1 OF 5 WOMEN CHARGED by Patrice Wendling and Joe Schoenmann, published in The Capital Times, June 28, 1996, page 1A, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

One of the cases mentioned therein was alluded to in a Capital Times article published earlier that month, the Sun Prairie woman who claimed to have been to have been kidnapped from a parking lot. This was May 11. Although a city in its own right, Sun Prairie is part of the Madison metropolitan area.

An undated case, presumably May or June 1996, concerned a woman who claimed to have been raped on East Gorham Street across from James Madison Park.

In commenting on the Davis case above, Madison Police Captain Richard Walden said: “We are concluding that the simple release of these reports may have a chilling effect on those filing (rape) reports”.

Sound familiar?

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