February 19, 1995: At Prince George’s County, Maryland, a teenager is kidnapped at knifepoint and raped, but manages to escape from her attacker 32 hours later. On February 20, the police go public; the following day, a 16 year old disappears; two days later she re-emerges telling a similar tale, but soon recants. She had spent the time with her boyfriend.

The information on this page is extracted from this Washington Post report. There are a couple of interesting quotes here:

“Police said they routinely field rape reports that are later recanted for one reason or another.” - Not what the sisterhood would have us believe.

“Unfortunately, we do get a good many people who say they were raped when they actually weren’t.” - We would prefer they were? Damn, that didn’t come out right!

Whatever the police say, file this naughty girl under COPYCAT, after she comes back from the woodshed.

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