False Rape Statistics And Examples From Maryland, 1990-91

The information on this page was extracted from this fact-filled Washington Post article.

1990: In Howard County, Maryland (population approaching 190,000), there were 23 unfounded (in this case false) reports of rape, half of them date rape/acquaintance rape.

Six of these women were arrested for filing false reports, one was prosecuted - a woman who made her false report because she was late for work! This was her second false rape allegation!

1991: There were 11 false reports out of a total of 35!

The above includes an undated report (ie 1990-91) of an autistic 19 year old who had sex for the first time and feared she might be pregnant.


May 1990: In Silver Spring, a young black woman is abducted by a white dude. She is raped at gunpoint; her violator also says some unpleasant things about black girls. Later she admits she made it up, and inflicted the slashes on her thigh herself.

There is a quote from an expert (ie feminist airhead), rape counselor Sheila Begg who says:

“Why would a woman go through interviews with police and the horrendous experience of taking a {physical} exam? Reporting a rape is not an easy thing to do.”

There is no question mark, but the many answers to this question can be found on this page. Before you check that out though, read the above entry about the black girl and her imaginary white rapist.

1990-91: In Prince George’s County, Maryland, 248 of 826 allegations of rape are deemed unfounded. Many of these are said to be sex-for-drugs transactions gone sour, ie the whore has sex with the john, and the john does not give her the promised drugs. All very sordid.

1990-91: In Fairfax, Virginia, 109 of 276 cases over the past two years are ruled unfounded. Unlike other area jurisdictions, Fairfax includes among its unfounded cases those in which the accuser declines to go forward with prosecution. If you are not familiar with this, the sisterhood and rape crisis experts claim this happens when a victim is afraid of reprisals (from a guy who is behind bars), or afraid of going to court. In reality, most false accusers withdraw when they realise the police are carrying out a full investigation and their lies will be exposed, as in this classic case.

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