October 13, 1998: Two false rape allegations the same day in New Zealand! At Wainuiomata, a 16 year old girl claims to have been attacked by three men. At Lower Hutt, a 14 year old claims to have been dragged into a car by six men and raped. Must have been a big car, but not as big as her imagination, mind, she was drunk at the time.

The report below is from The New Zealand Herald, October 22, 1998, page A14. It alludes too to Debra Wood of Upper Hutt who was given a two year sentence for perjury in September 1998 after falsely accusing a man of indecently assaulting her in Petrone. (See entry for August 14, 1997).

Lower Hutt police are said too to be concerned at the growing number of young women getting drunk then making false allegations of sexual assault including rape.

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