The Massie Case —1931

September 12/3, 1931: On the island of Hawaii, the wife of the American naval officer Thomas Massie claims to have been attacked and gang-raped on her way home after leaving a dance late at night unescorted. The Massie affair/Massie case/Massie trial(s) was extremely controversial, as much so as the better known Scottsboro case earlier the same year because it led to a VIGILANTE ATTACK that resulted in the murder of one of the alleged gang-rapists. Her surname is misspelt in this press report; if it is too brief, check out the dedicated website.

Be warned, almost everyone who has written about or commented on this case has done so from a racial perspective, so much so that most rad-fems would consider them to be engaging in victim blaming. Thalia Massie died from a drug overdose in July 1963, her death was probably suicide.

Thalia Massie and her husband.

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