Des Moines — 1991

[The following is based on an article by Christy Scattarella published in The Seattle Times, (FINAL) October 21, 1991, page A1, (NewsBank)].

The above article includes a heavy dose of the usual apologetics from both a detective and a so-called expert from a local rape crisis center. And that in spite of one of the former saying his specialist unit estimates that one out of five reports may be false. Only one out of five?

The expert, Kate Bolland, is quoted thus:

“‘The experience of going through the police and legal system (for actual victims) is victimizing in itself,’ she said. A person would have nothing to gain by putting herself through that kind of trauma.”

The above can only be described as wilful ignorance.

Monday, October 7, 1991: In Des Moines, a teenage girl tells a school counsellor she was raped October 4 (Friday night), ie before the weekend.

The girl said she went to an apartment where one of the three men present asked her for a back rub. She declined. Another asked her for sex. She declined. The men held her down, she was raped, slapped, and laughed at.

She was taken to Auburn General Hospital, her clothes and other samples were sent for forensic testing, the three men were arrested. They said she’d had sex with one of them in the bedroom and the bathroom. These guys were no rapists but they were no gentlemen either, and after she recanted, the girl said she had been called a whore and a slut. So she decided to get back at (all of) them.

This was the second false rape case in Des Moines that month; the detective who dealt with it estimated that one out of seven or eight sexual assaults reported there was false.

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