[The information below is based largely on an article by John C. Ensslin in the Rocky Mountain News, November 23, 1992, (FINAL), page 37, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

1991: There are seventeen reported forcible rapes in Arvada, Colorado, six of which are ruled unfounded.

1991: False rape statistics for Denver Metropolitan Area: 12% were classified as unfounded. According to the sisterhood, this does not mean false. In reality, it means precisely that in the vast majority of cases.

According to public defender Lisa Wayne - who is most definitely not a feminist, she has represented about twenty men accused of rape, and:

ďI would go so far as to say that 50% of the cases are false accusations in that they are not accusing the correct person or it didnít happen.Ē

The good news is that in 1991, there were 25 allegations of rape in Longmont, and not one of them was classified unfounded. Or maybe thatís not such good news?

Circa 1992: Two separate false rape allegations from Denver. No precise dates are given but they are almost certainly both 1992 rather than 1991.

One young woman had been to a party, drinking alcohol, of course, and on the way home she crashed the family car, so she claimed a rapist had threatened her with a knife, driven the car into a ditch, and raped her in a riverbed.

The other was far more prosaic: she accused her boyfriend in a fit of rage.

1992: A young woman (read teenager) is allegedly kidnapped and raped in Denver. She appears to have done this because she was working in a strip club without the knowledge of her parents. (Donít ask me, I only catalogue the stuff).

Two separate false rape allegations from Longmont, Colorado:

May 6, 1992: Susan Harris tells Longmont Police Detective Bruce Vaughan she was raped the previous day by a man she knew. (The surname of this officer is also rendered Vaughn). She was a student, she told a rape counselor at her school, who contacted the police. Harris said the man raped her in the back of his pickup truck. He was arrested the following day, and claimed the sex was consensual. Well, he would say that, but then she did write him what was described as a love letter on his personal stationery!

May 13, 1992: The case of Sherry Wilkerson-Romero was reported by the Rocky Mountain New on May 15. She was not named, but her alleged attacker was: James Romero. She claimed her ex-husband raped her in a supermarket parking lot while bystanders ignored her cries for help. Detective Patricia Goecke was the officer on the case. Sherry was arrested in early June. When she realised her story would not hold up, she told the district attorney she did not want to pursue the case. Too late now, bitch! The grain of truth in this outrageous claim was reported by The Gazette (Colorado Springs), May 28. She was in a restaurant with a different man, and the two got into a fight. She was under the influence. Then she went back into the restaurant and claimed to have been attacked by her ex-husband.

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