July 1, 1998: A Coventry schoolgirl is raped, but: “after police interviewed her yesterday afternoon, she admitted she had fabricated the allegations because she was worried about going home late.”

The above quote is taken from Girl’s rape claim false published in the local press, page 18.

Now a totally superfluous explanation. Long before I began compiling this timeline I had an interest in false rape allegations (along with many other things). Around the year 2000 I was researching at Colindale (now closed), I can’t remember what, at this distance, but I found the foregoing article in a Coventry newspaper. On the back of the photocopy I wrote Coventry Evening Mail, July 3, 1998, page 18.

On rechecking the British Library catalogue around early December 2017, it appears there is no such newspaper, so I must have given it the wrong citation. However, the same story appears in NewsUK (now NewsBank) in particular the (Birmingham) Evening Mail, July 3, 1998, page 18, likewise as Girl’s rape claim false, although the text of the article is different.

On December 20, 2017, I visited the Newsroom at Saint Pancras where I consulted another local newspaper. Because the microfilm of the article in question is of extremely poor quality, you may have to save this PDF to disk before viewing. As you will see, I have included the front page of the paper as well.

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