1970: The above uncredited article is published in The University Of Pennsylvania Law Review.

This is an excellent and incisive essay. How about this quote?

“Women often falsely accuse men of sexual attacks to extort money, to force marriage, to satisfy a childish desire for notoriety, or to attain personal revenge. Their motives include hatred, a sense of shame after consenting to illicit intercourse, especially when pregnancy results, and delusion.”

According to the sisterhood, this constitutes the endorsement of rape myths, if not outright misogyny. If you’ve read this far you will realise how wrong they are. Check out too TYPES OF FALSE RAPE ACCUSER where you will find all of these listed and more. I will add only that with the exception of India, the forcing of marriage belongs to a bygone era, and when the word rape was used in that context, it really meant seduction, which used to be a crime in the United States!

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