Children At Risk: The Secret Double Life Of A Paedophile

June 1, 1994: The above documentary is broadcast.

Unlike most of the films about this subject, the above is a thoroughly researched documentary about Peter Righton, a real paedophile who managed to insinuate himself into the heart of the British establishment. I have included this because - just in case you didnít know - there are real monsters out there.

The other important thing about it is that the footage of Rightonís chum Charles Napier shows how paedophiles actually groom their victims - Napier used alcohol - something that is in stark contrast to the way usually portrayed by both the gullible and the fanatical.

My review appears at the bottom of the page, the only one at the time of writing, January 2017.

Above: Charles Napier on his way to Southwark Crown Court in November 2014. He pleaded guilty to historical offences against underage boys, receiving a 13 year sentence.

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