False Rape Allegations In Broward County, Florida - 1987 & 1989

In 1987, there were 510 reported cases of rape and sexual assault in Broward County. Up to 20% of these may have been unfounded, though it is not clear how many of these reports were of actual rape as opposed to lesser offences. According to official figures, in 1985, Broward had an estimated population of 1.13 million.

The dates below are uncertain because The Miami Herald edition cited was published on Tuesday. The schoolgirl - the most recent case - was said to have been raped on Monday; allowing for the time taken to investigate her allegation, it seems most unlikely this article could have been published the day after.

Probably late April 1989: A teenager and a young woman are allegedly kidnapped in Florida; the 16 year old and the 20 year old from Opa-locka disappear for three days having been held in a woodland shack. They manage to overpower their captors (plural), and tell the police they were both raped. They sit in the sexual assault treatment center for seven hours, then admit they made it all up!

Probably April 27, 1989: A woman from Lauderhill, Florida is allegedly kidnapped after her car breaks down at night. She tells deputies two “biker-looking” men took her to a park and raped her repeatedly until the following morning. She described this in great detail, but she made it all up to cover up an affair.

Probably May 1, 1989: A 12 year old girl is late for school so tells a school official she was raped on the way! Fort Lauderdale police say she was taken for an examination but later admitted she made it up. Rather alarmingly she was described as sexually active, whatever that means.

The above information was extracted from this article.

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