ďA COMPLAINT OF RAPEĒ ó when the camera lies

January 18, 1982: A Complaint Of Rape is screened. This controversial documentary generated more heat than light, in particular although it showed Thames Valley detectives giving a rape complainant a rough ride, it didnít show the way they questioned suspects at the time.

I have done a lot of research on this programme. Curiously, I could not find it on the Internet, or perhaps not so curiously, because it is wilfully dishonest. The best I could manage was to dig out an article and a letter from the local press. Unfortunately, the quality of both are very poor.

Here is the article. It is in portable document format, and to read it you may have to save to disk and enlarge. The incisive letter below is from the same issue of the Reading Chronicle, page 10.

The bottom line is that this girl was not raped. She was certainly exploited. Again, donít do this guys, for your own sakes if not for hers. File this one under GANG BANG.

[The above entry was published originally December 2, 2017; it included the first screengrab below. In December 2018, I found the second screengrab by chance while researching another matter; it was added January 2, 2019].

The two letters below were published in the Telegraph & Argus (Bradford), January 22, 1982, page 9. The first is very important as it points out not only that this young woman was a HEAD CASE but that this was not her first such allegation. If nothing else, she should have been more careful about going off with strange men, especially three of them. This is not victim blaming, think about it, a man tells police his car has been stolen because he left his keys in the ignition overnight. Two or three years later, he tells them the same thing. What would the police think? What would they say to him?

This case was used by legal dominance feminism and the sexual grievance industry to attack the way the police traditionally investigated allegations of rape in this country. For the worse, it might be added, yet nowhere do we hear that this woman was unworthy of belief for very sound reasons. The reader might like to compare this case with the July 2015 Bedford case. The contrast between the attitudes of the investigating officers in the two cases is stark.

Also, here is my December 2017 article about both cases. The website concerned appears to have been abandoned, but the article itself has been archived, so can be retrieved using the Wayback Machine should it disappear from the Internet.

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