March 23, 1990: Portsmouth denizen Carol Moores is allegedly raped in her own home by Wayne Green. She appears to have made this claim officially for the first time on June 23, 1990 in the particulars of a civil action rather than in a police witness statement. Carol Ann Moores v Wayne Rory Green is heard in the Portsmouth County Court later that year, and results in a 5 figure judgment for the plaintiff. However, afterwards, evidence comes to light that totally undermines the rape allegation. On June 6, 1991, the judgment was overturned. You can read what the Court of Appeal said here.

The following day, writing in the London Times, Justin Rollins said:

“New evidence showed however, that during the time Mr Green was said to have been at her home, Mrs Moores had two telephone conversations with another former boy friend. BT records were said to show that during the five to ten minutes that she claimed the rape occurred, she was speaking on the telephone.”

The above report was published in the London Times, June 7, 1991, page 3.

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