December 31, 1999: Two teenage girls ages 13 and 14 are allegedly kidnapped from Fifth Street and James H. McGee Boulevard in Dayton, Ohio. The news report below gives the time as half past midnight, presumably this means December 31 rather than half an hour into the new year.

The girls claim their kidnapper, a man in a BMW, drove them to Burkham Center Park where one of them was raped. Somehow they managed to escape and went home. They went the extra mile, staging the crime scene by leaving behind a shoe and a coat. And by scratching each otherís necks!

On January 12, 2000, a teenager is allegedly kidnapped in Dayton, then raped in a garage. CCTV shows her holding hands with a man. After this is shown to her, she admits she lied. She didnít want her mother to know she had been out late with her boyfriend. She was not charged because her mother was suffering from a terminal illness.

According to Tom Flanders, a police officer interviewed by the paper, in 1999 there were 296 forcible sex offenses reported in Dayton. This is out of a population of just under 166,000 in 2000. It is not clear to me what forcible sex offenses means, but 11 were listed as unfounded. These 11 were cases in which detectives had solid evidence the offences did not happen. Officer Flanders said if he and his men had the time to investigate the facts behind every (suspected) false complaint, that number would have risen to closer to fifty. His squad received at least one fake rape complaint a week.

According to Sergeant Dave Wuest of Cincinnati police, about 22% of the 148 reported juvenile rapes in 1999 were unfounded, meaning in a case in which the crime did not occur.

[The above was extracted from an article by Lou Grieco in the Dayton Daily News, January 30, 2000, CITY Edition, page 1A, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

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