November 5, 1987: In Michigan, Christine Burzynski has sex with two men at a motel. They threaten to tell her boyfriend, so she tells him first that they had raped her, and he tells her to do what any boyfriend worth the name would do. She tells the police, and in January 1988, testifies to the rape, embellishing the tale by claiming to have been kidnapped at gunpoint by them from outside a Detroit bowling alley. In June 1988, she does the decent thing, and recants to Detective Eugene Hlibay. The charges are dropped against the two men, and she is charged with perjury.

Although she was clearly in the wrong - both for having sex with them and for the far more serious false rape claim - donít have too much sympathy for these two; they were ASKING FOR IT. The linked report is from the Spokane Chronicle, October 28, 1988, page A10.

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