Four False Allegations From Madison, Wisconsin — Early 1996

[The following is based on an article by Mike Miller in The Capital Times, June 6, 1996, page 1A, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

The paper interviewed Brian Ackeret of the Madison Police Department, Becky Westerfelt of Dane County Rape Crisis Center, Mark Kerman of the District Attorney’s Office, and District Attorney Bill Foust.

The first two incidents involved a woman who claimed she was raped near the park, and one who claimed to have been raped in a mall parking lot.

The third incident involved a woman from Sun Prairie who said she was abducted from a parking lot by a truck driver. When the police told her CCTV would help bring this fiend to justice, she changed her story. When she changed it again, they gave up on her. And she gave up on her lies. See also this report.

The latest incident, which appears to have been the last week in May, involved a woman who claimed to have been abducted by two men in a van. She had wounds on both her arms, which obviously supported her story, but the forensics showed they did not match the damage to her shirt. This led to her recanting, when pressed.

None of the women identified a named suspect.

Naturally we hear about how rare such false reports are, and of the proverbial chilling effect on real victims.

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