The San Antonio Four

Summer 1994: Four Latina lesbians in sexy romp sounds like every red-blooded maleís dream, but the case of the San Antonio Four is actually a nightmare, and proof positive that this sort of injustice is not exclusive to men.

Kristie Mayhugh, Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera and Anna Vasquez were alleged to have forced themselves on two young girls on more than one occasion. The girls delayed reporting (ie made it up later), and to cut a long story short, the four falsely accused women ended up behind bars with the kind of sentences that are handed down in the US for these kind of crimes, real and imagined.

Here is one of the failed appeal judgments.

The four were back in the news in 2016, by which time the case against them had all but collapsed, and the documentary Southwest Of Salem was released.

One word of warning, many people reporting and commenting on this case view it through the lenses of racism and homophobia. This database contains entries for many white men - some of them quite privileged - so please donít be taken in by such mindless rhetoric.

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