RICHARD ALLEN DAVIS — depraved beyond belief

August 5, 1996: In California, convicted child killer Richard Allen Davis makes a shocking statement.

This is the worst false rape allegation in this database, and along with the 2009 allegation against Barrie Fellows, the claims (through her attorney) by Casey Anthony, and the pathetic excuse (again through her attorney) of Lindsey Lowe, as depraved as any such allegation can be.

In October 1993, serial predator Davis kidnapped the 12 year old Polly Klaas. She was never seen alive again. By the time her body was found, it was impossible to determine if she had been raped. You can read the full background to the case here.

After his conviction, Davis made a short but shocking statement, which prompted the judge to say that although it was always traumatic and emotional for a judge to sentence a man to death, Davis had made it very easy for him.

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