July 21, 1997: At Reading Crown Court, Professor John Cottingham is cleared of sexually assaulting two students.

These were allegations only of relatively minor sexual assaults, although if he had been convicted that would of course have been disastrous for him.

The case generated a lot of publicity at the time.

Here is a report of his acquittal; although it refers to yesterday, as can be seen from the time stamp it was actually posted late at night. The second hard copy report listed below gives the correct date.

Here is a report of the then ongoing trial from the Daily Mail.

And here is the main report:

This file contains scans from the Daily Mail, July 22, 1997 in the following order:

back page (irrelevant); front page
page 4 (top)
page 4 (bottom)
pages 4 & 5
page 8 (left)
page 8 (right)

As can be seen from the above, one of his accusers had made at least one such false allegation - in the USA - before.

The final article is by Austen Donnellan, who was falsely accused of rape - see entry for October 19, 1993.

I must apologise for the poor quality and layout of the above. I was able to take only slanted copies, and attempts to relign them in either PDF or JPG format led to an unacceptable loss of quality.

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