False rape claims waste police time

The above article by Amy French is subtitled Officer upset over reports and was gleaned from NewsBank; it appeared originally in The Huntsville Times, October 28, 1995, Edition 2, page A4.

October 22, 1995: Two women tell police at Huntsville, Alabama they were raped. Guess what, they were both lying!

The article is an interview with Sergeant Barry Pendergraft of the local police; the two faux vicims were a 37 year old unemployed woman who had been smoking crack cocaine with a teenager the previous night, and a 31 year old nurseís assistant.

The first two were presumably white because the second two - the non-victim and the phantom stranger - were said to be black. It didnít take much effort on the part of the police to expose the lies, which were admitted in both cases.

Pendergraft said it was likely the two women would not face charges because in his words the local police have bigger fish to fry and only six investigators to handle serious crimes including murder.

He said false reporting of rape was rare, a claim Anne Anderson, the local rape helpline airhead was quick to endorse.

Officer Pendergraft would not go into detail about how they proved the two women were lying, but gave other examples of (these so very rare) false reports as women who have reported their cars as stolen when they have sold them to buy drugs, and women who have claimed they were raped to save failing relationships. Someone will have to explain to me exactly how that one works.

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