TWYANA DAVIS — From Rape Victim To Child Rapist

November 21, 1995: Student Twyana Davis gives birth in her campus dormitory at Ohio Dominican College. No one knew she was pregnant - this is rare but does happen, the most extraordinary (and insane) such case was Caroline Beale in September 1994. Davis left her baby daughter in a trash can in below freezing temperatures where fortunately she was found; she was charged with child endangerment. She claimed she had been date raped although she did not reveal the identity of the father.

Obviously, many people felt sorry for her, and after fighting a five year battle to turn her life around she won national acclaim, appearing on TV with Oprah Winfrey, publishing a book called Sacred Womb in 2003, and even becoming an advocate for teen mothers.

Being a good Catholic though, her conscience would eventually get the better of her. She confessed she had not been raped, rather she’d had sex with her cousin, who was way underage. In October 2006, she was given a ten to twenty-five year sentence.

I found this Associated Press article on Fox News. It was misdated December 31, 1969, but as you can see is fairly neutral in tone, unlike most of what has been written about this wretched woman.

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