The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony And The Rape Of American Justice
by Margaret A. Hagen

January 1, 1997: The above was published, according to the Amazon website, although I have seen a slightly later date given for publication, but this is of no importance.

The author has donated this excellent book to the public domain. Click here to download.

The first thing I should point out is that in spite of the title this is not a book about either whores or rape in the literal sense, rather it is an attack on...I was going to write junk science, but the sort of piffle peddled by therapists and so-called trauma experts is too silly for words, and often too tragic.

She covers the case of Nicole Althaus (pages 24-5), and that of Alicia Wade.

The case Mateu v Hagen, (1993) to which she also alludes does not concern her but an unrelated man named Hagen.

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