Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach

April 25, 2001: The Third Edition of the above book is published; the colon in the title is mine. (Click here for a review of the relevant chapter of the First Edition). It was edited by Robert R. Hazelwood and Ann Wolbert Burgess, published by CRC Press, Boca Raton, 517 pages including index. The publication date comes from the Amazon website, but this is not important.

Chapter 10 is called False Rape Allegations; it runs from pages 177-97. The editors wrote this chapter, though parts of it are said to be based on the relevant chapter from the Second Edition.

On page 178, the reader is informed that the notorious Tawana Brawley case happened in Chicago; some basic fact checking would not have been amiss.

If you have not yet found her name on the Timeline, Ann Burgess was one of the two airheads who came up with rape trauma syndrome.

I have included pages 179, 181, 185 & 186 here. Included therein are the anonymised cases of Roberta and Ann.

We are told Roberta was a 27 year old who falsely accused a police officer. At that time there was an actual case of a police officer accused of raping a woman, presumably in the same area. This guy was eventually convicted; Roberta had had sex with a co-worker and felt dirty. So she accused an innocent cop of rape, as any normal woman would do. Not.

Fortunately for Roberta, no charges were brought against her. She was referred for counseling and to date remains in therapy.

The other case herein is that of Ann, who was homeless. She was said to have had dirt and leaves in her vagina, something that beggars belief. The assessment of the nurse examiner is that Ann was probably a victim of child sexual abuse who had not resolved these issues two decades and more on. How about she was homeless and was angling for tea and sympathy as well as free housing? God, where do they find these stupid women?

Not included in the above scanned pages are Julie, Dorina, Micaela and Samantha.

Julie - a 16 year old - claimed to have been abducted and raped by an unknown male. Although she was taken to a rape crisis center, she had no vaginal trauma, but had been beaten physically by a man with whom there had been no sex - consensual or otherwise.

Dorina - a single mother - brought her two daughters to the rape crisis center for evaluation following allegations of child molestation. No physical evidence was found, but she was told she could apply for compensation for each child up to $3,000. She filled in a form, and received $2,000 per child. Unsurprisingly she came back for more: around 6 months later she claimed she’d been raped by two unknown males in her own home; again there was no physical evidence. This time she received $3,000; around 18 months later she reported a rape to the police; this time she was refused compensation. She sued the city public housing authority seeking punitive damages because of a faulty lock on her door. She lost.

Micaela - a single teenage mother - was brought to the rape crisis center claiming to have been abducted off the street by an unknown assailant, and raped. She claimed the guy had stolen her food stamps too!

And yet another teenager, the 15 year old Samantha, claimed to have been raped after visiting a skating rink. She wasn’t.

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