Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims: A Treatment Manual

June 2, 1993: Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims: A Treatment Manual is published.

The above publication date is taken from the Amazon website; presumably it is correct, but this is only a minor detail. The copy I consulted was dated 1993.

It is published by the academic publishing house Sage, in London, and has no index, which is not that unusual for a book of this nature, namely a collection of essays. It was republished in 1996.

The authors Patricia A. Resick and Monika K. Schnicke, are a couple of academic airheads. Resick in particular is a true believer, including in rape culture.

There are some enlightening comments in Chapter 18: Client Characteristics That May Affect Treatment under the sub-heading Personality Disorders:

“Most of the women we have worked with have had post-traumatic stress disorder and sometimes major depression, without any co-morbid personality disorders [but] The three personality disorders we encounter most frequently in our work with rape victims are dependent, avoidant, and borderline...Most women with borderline personality have histories of childhood sexual abuse”.

The reality is that these women only claim to have suffered child sexual abuse, a claim that is made regularly by rape liars. See for example Rhiannon Brooker. It is possible that women who are not right in the head have a greater propensity to be raped, but in most cases women make (false) allegations of rape because they are nor right in the head, and a danger to any man who incurs their wrath.

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