Circa August 26, 1988: An educationally subnormal underage teen is allegedly raped by two brothers. The police were not informed until 1990. It gets complicated because when questioned by the police, their co-defendant admitted raping the girl, but he was cleared of all charges. So what really happened here?

It is clear from the medical notes - which were not disclosed at trial - and other evidence, that the girl was lying about the date, not just wrong, lying. Quite likely she had sex with her boyfriend, but it is clear that none of those involved in this were too bright. My advice to you guys is avoid educationally subnormal women and girls like the plague. Their stupidity often makes them credible witnesses, but they know how to play people.

The two brothers were convicted at Manchester in December 1991, and on February 15, 2001, their second appeal was successful.

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