June 23, 1970: Schoolteacher Geoffrey Victor Mussard is alleged to have incited an 11 year old girl to commit an act of gross indecency in a stock room at a school at St Paul’s Cray. Later in the year he appears at South-East London Sessions where he is acquitted, the judge telling him: “You leave this court without a stain on your character”.

The allegation probably relates to him making her touch his you know what; not rape, only an incitement, but if little girls were not sugar and spice in 1970 - as I know from personal experience! - how much worse have they become in the age of social media? Think Tyler Kost!

[The above is based on a report in the Beckenham Journal AND KENTISH TIMES, December 25, 1970, page 8 (unnumbered)].

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