Paedophile Slurs

June 23, 1999: Police slam cruel ‘paedophile’ slurs is published by a Kent newspaper.

The article below is from the Beckenham & Penge NEWS SHOPPER, page 3 as dated. These kinds of smears were by no means uncommon in the pre-Internet age. Now, in the age of social media, if someone hasn’t accused you of being a serial killer, a child molester, or at least a pervert, you haven’t arrived.

I would like here to relate a tale from personal experience that gives an insight into the mentality of some of the sick people who generate such accusations.

The linked article libelling my colleague Mark Taha was posted to a German newsgroup by Graeme Atkinson, the lowlife who at that time was European Editor for the self-styled anti-fascist magazine Searchlight; our attention was drawn to it by Robin Ramsay, Editor of Lobster. Mark had previously received an hysterical letter from his by then former friend the late Terry Liddle that alluded to him abusing young Asian boys. Terry Liddle was the ex-husband of occasional Searchlight photographer Daphne Liddle.

Apart from the fact that Atkinson and the people with whom he works being total scum, the motivation for these smears was the libel actions I brought against Searchlight; both Mark and Morris Riley would go on to sue the same magazine, successfully. Morris actually obtained a judgment against the magazine, its Editor, and his goy collaborator Ray Hill who was already no stranger to defamation, (see entry for March 26, 1988).

One night in 1997, I was on my way home when I missed my stop, Sydenham, so got off at Penge West. On the walk home I saw a number of stickers bearing Mark’s face attached to lamp posts. They had been plastered all around this area, round Ealing - where he grew up - and in Stamford Hill where he was living at the time. This latter caused some consternation, so much so that Hackney Police actually held a meeting at a local school where they made it clear they were not interested in Mark but in the person(s) behind the leaflets which they saw as an obvious attempt to incite violence against him.

This article was lifted from British Nationalist, November 1997. This leaflet was published by me.

As with MEDIA ACCUSERS an allegation of any kind of sexual offence made without filing an official report to law enforcement, should be considered totally without merit.

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