MINNESOTA — two false claims in quick succession

[The following information was extracted from an article by Conrad deFiebre in Star Tribune: Newspaper of the Twin Cities, November 9, 1991, page 01A, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

October 25, 1991: A woman is allegedly abducted and raped by a man who hid in her car - youíve probably seen this scenario in a spy or horror film sometime. Somehow the guy effects entry and hides undetected in the back behind the front seat. This was said to have happened outside a Saint Paul school. Early in November, the police rule the claim unfounded. Which in this case means clearly that - contrary to feminist propaganda - it didnít happen. There was no abduction and no rape, although the police believe she made the false claim to cover for a domestic assault.

November 2/3, 1991: A teenager is allegedly kidnapped from a bus stop in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and raped. The perpetrators were a father and son who imprisoned her in a closet. Like the October 25 report, this case is said to have generated heavy publicity. And was also a fabrication, at least as far as the rape was concerned. The girl had indeed been physically assaulted, but the police determined the bruises were caused by her boyfriend. Some boyfriend. Although her race is not given, she blamed her injuries on two (non-existent) black men.

We are told that in 1989, there were 1,456 rapes reported in Minnesota, and that 99 of these were class as unfounded.

Now comes the flim-flam. Peggy Miller of Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey County said false reports of rape were so rare that she had never encountered one in her fifteen years of dealing with victims. And of course, these two cases will undermine the credibility of all those real victims, the ones who donít make it up. Yeah, sure.

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