Three False Allegations From Santa Rosa, 1998

February 6, 1998: A man meets a woman in a bar at Santa Rosa, California, and ends up accused of rape.

After meeting the unnamed man in a bar at Sebastopol Road, the woman is said to have become agitated for some reason, and claimed he had raped her. Charges against him are dismissed in June 1998 when DNA tests clear him.

July 30, 1998: A 15 year old girl is allegedly raped by a 21 year old man and a 16 year old boy at Santa Rosa Creek, California. The following month, the girl ceases cooperating with the authorities - always a red flag - and changes her story. The charges are dropped.

October 1, 1998: A young woman is allegedly kidnapped from Martin Luther King Park in Santa Rosa. The three assailants are said to have grabbed her, shoved a hood over her head, driven her somewhere, raped her, then dropped her back near the park. That latter claim is a typical red flag.

The woman gives police a good description of one of the men including a tattoo on one of his shoulders. The case gets some media attention, and people phone in with descriptions of a possible suspect. Then the woman turns up at the police station with her boyfriend. Apparently, friends had heard about the alleged attack and said they thought he looked like one of the attackers. Case closed.

[The information above was extracted from an article by Chris Smith in The Press Democrat, October 6, 1998, FINAL Edition, page B2, (extracted here from NewsBank)].

We end with a self-serving quote from the above article followed by a typically spineless and compliant one:

Of false allegations: “Our experience is that it rarely happens” - Colleen O’Neal of Women Against Rape, Santa Rosa.

“There are very few cases in which we find evidence of victims lying.” - Rich Sweeting of Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department.

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