November 13, 1992: A young woman tells police she was attacked in Oakville Park, Ontario while walking her dog.

The details of the above case are rather sketchy; they come principally from a report in The Hamilton Spectator, October 20, 1994, (the NewsBank version). It is interesting though because one of the officers on the case ended up suing both the non-victim and an airhead from Halton Rape Crisis Centre.

The bottom line is that although there is no mention of a rape kit being administered, the police carried out a thorough investigation but were unable to find the suspect. This does not of course mean the attack did not happen, but they had their suspicions, and on January 14, 1993, the woman admitted in a video statement that she had fabricated the incident. Her very real injuries were apparently caused by falling into a ravine rather than by a knife-wielding assailant.

There the matter might have ended, but on February 1, 1993, Halton Rape Crisis Centre issued a statement to the effect that she had been bullied and coerced into retracting her story. Believe that if you want, or if your name is Lisa Avalos!

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