May 6, 1992: At Roanoke, Virginia, a thirteen year old girl comes home late and tells her father an horrific story: she was kidnapped and beaten by four unknown white men. Later, they become black men - Jamaicans - who drove her around for several hours in an apparent attempt to confuse her. Finally, two young men - Darren Cobbs and William Dungee - are said to have raped her.

DNA tests show the girl has indeed had sex, but not with these two dudes. The following April it is reported that District Attorney Alice Ekrich had filed for discontinuation. There is a lot more to this case, there may have been a personal motive for her falsely accusing these two men, albeit at the third attempt. There was also evidence the girl had had consensual sex with other men (plural), the same day. Girls like this need locking up for their own protection.

[The above is based on a report by Laurence Hammick in The Roanoke Times, METRO Edition, April 3, 1993, page A-1, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

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