Three For The Price Of One — False Allegations From Washington State

In Island County, Washington, three people - two women and a teenager - are charged with making false rape allegations over an 18 month period.

The first woman claims to have been raped in January 1990. A thorough investigation led to her admitting she made up the attack; she was given a seven day jail sentence as well as probation, ordered to perform community service, and to have medical treatment.

The second woman claims to have been raped in August 1990. No details are given about the reporting, eg did she report this alleged rape in September 1990? The local sheriff’s office administers a polygraph, indicating she had credibility issues, unlike most genuine victims. She ends up being charged with obstructing a public servant.

The case of the teenager is undated, but she falsely accused a high school senior of rape, and her case was forwarded to the juvenile authorities.

Lawman Rob Hampshire is unimpressed with the bleatings of the local sisterhood, saying he wouldn’t describe these three as victims because there is no crime. All three reports were total fabrications.

This article reports on the three cases above.

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