May 15, 1986: In Pennsylvania, an eleven year old girl accusers Michael Smalls of rape.

Smalls was only eighteen himself at the time, and was said to have been caught necking with the girl in the schoolyard. Okay, eighteen is young, but eleven is toooo young for even an eighteen year old.

The girl was examined the day of the incident, and there was no evidence of sexual assault, but Smalls was arrested, and from May 27 until his trial, he was behind bars, having failed to raise $50,000 bail.

His case was reported by Henry Goldman in The Philadelphia Inquirer, FINAL Edition, January 29, 1987, page B03, (accessed here through NewsBank).

At his trial it was argued that the girl was 5 foot 7 and very physically mature. After she was seen necking with Smalls by one of her sisters, she knew she would be in trouble.

The jury took 90 minutes to acquit him, probably because the scenario of him raping her in the playground without her crying out or someone else seeing it was a bit too much even for a Philadelphia jury to swallow.

Although this chapter ends with a rightful acquittal, it remains to be seen if this was his final brush with the law, because in August 1999, a Pennsylvania prisoner named Michael Smalls was paroled from a 6-8 year sentence for rape, burglary, robbery, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and conspiracy.

Although a cynic might argue otherwise, the alleged rape and the crimes of which he was convicted are anything but similar, the word conspiracy indicates a robbery or even a burglary gone wrong.

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