James Beasley — An Innocent Predator

July 12, 1983: In Florida, 17 year old Alison Fulton is allegedly raped by James Beasley and another man. The girl claimed to have been kidnapped at gunpoint, forced into an apartment, tied up and held for twelve hours.

At the time, Beasley was on probation for committing “a lewd and lascivious act”. Clearly that looked bad. He and another man were arrested, and Beasley was offered a plea of 35 years.

On February 3, 1984, Alison Fulton was given a polygraph test, and half way through admitted she had lied. The authorities acted with commendable speed, and Beasley was released at once. There was talk of prosecuting his accuser. Beasley had previously passed a polygraph and had presented what appears to have been a good alibi, which begs the question why was he behind bars?

It is not entirely clear if anything really happened to this girl, there is no mention of physical evidence or when she reported the alleged attack, but it is clear that Beasley was totally innocent. Perhaps she knew of his previous conviction and accused him on account of it. Whatever, Beasley appears to have learned nothing from this potentially life-trashing experience, as can be seen from the entry below.

[The above is based on a report by Mary Voboril in The Miami Herald, February 4, 1984, FINAL Edition, page 1A, (accessed here through NewsBank)].

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