A far cry from the truth? by Isabel Tang

July 29, 1992: The above article is from the Guardian, Women’s Section, page 17. MRAs, MGTOWs and people who understand these things will recognise the de rigueur feminist narrative which minimises the scale of false rape allegations. Julie Bindel is quoted, false allegations she says come from men, ie “She wanted it”, but it doesn’t stop there. She cites an anonymous case given to her by a Manchester detective of a woman posing as a child making calls to the police claiming she had been sexually assaulted. When they traced her “It turned out she was in fact an adult who was relating experiences that had happened years ago, when she was sexually assaulted by her father. She could only now talk about it because her father had recently died” - and was unable to defend himself. Pathetic.

The Cypriot woman alluded to here is Georgina Kyriakou, see entry for April 1989, (above). For the taxi driver false rape allegation, see entry for February 14, 1992, (above).

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