Rape And Reincarnation Down Under

When therapy opens a pandora’s box, by Virginia Trioli, published in The Age, August 31, 1994, page 26.

I spell Pandora with a capital A, but the above - thus - was extracted from NewsBank. This quite lengthy article tells the hilarious story of Australian therapist and feminist Merle Elson. The reader is informed that this sorely misguided woman had counselled “incest survivors and rape victims” for more than seventeen years and had always believed any woman (uncritically) who walked into her office claiming to have been raped.

That changed dramatically when a woman claimed to have recovered a memory of being raped by her husband. Who do you believe, your client or your spouse? Happily the latter, and she was vindicated when she was told by a third party that this rape had occurred in a past life! This may not have cured her feminism, but it did persuade her to join the board of the Australian False Memory Association.

Actually, this is no laughing matter; there are many cases in this database which have seen delusional women destroying the lives of innocent men and tearing families apart.

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