Freed nurses to speak out on sexual abuse by Daniel McGrory and Michael Theodoulou

May 20, 1998: Freed nurses to speak out on sexual abuse by Daniel McGrory and Michael Theodoulou.

This story appeared on page 3 of the London Times. Although it is not a false rape allegation, it is worth discussing in some depth. It is a notorious case which led to considerable controversy with all manner of false allegations being made against the Saudi Government, and two cold-blooded killers escaping justice.

On December 12, 1996, the Australian nurse Yvonne Gilford was brutally murdered at the King Fahd Military Medical Complex, Dharhan. British nurses Deborah Parry and Lucille McLauchlan were promptly arrested, and the evidence against them was overwhelming. They were convicted by a sharia court; Saudi justice may not meet international norms, but there was no doubt about the verdicts.

Parry was facing execution, but due to the Saudi system and a lot of legal wrangling, the two women were allowed to return to the UK where they portrayed themselves as victims, claiming they had been sexually assaulted by their interrogators and threatened with rape.

These two were not the kind of nurses you’d want administering you an enema, but unbelievably Parry was allowed to resume her career. McLauchlan was an out and out crook who had been facing a fraud charge when she went to Saudi. She was convicted on her return, and struck off the Nursing Register. In 2012 she was convicted of fraud again, but in January 2014 a Higher Power finally caught up with her when she suffered a brain haemorrhage at her Dundee home and died in hospital at the age of 48.

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